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Sharing Platter

Alberni Platter Choice of
3 items $25
4 items $32

Chicken satay
BBQ beef short ribs
Grilled pork cheek
Veggie spring rolls
Home-made shrimp cake
Fish cake
Tiger prawns wrapped with noodles


– Yummy Soup –

SO−32 Tom Kah
Hot and sour soup with mushrooms, lemongrass
and coconut milk
Chicken or tofu S 5 L 12.5
Tiger prawns S 5.5 L 14.5
Clams or mussels S 5.5 L 14.5
Mixed seafood L 15.5

SO−33 Tom Yum
Hot and sour soup with mushrooms,
tomato, lemongrass and Thai spices
Chicken or tofu S 4.5 L 12
Tiger prawns S 5 L 14
Clams or mussels S 5 L 14
Mixed seafood L 15

Appys / Tapas

AP – 11 Por Pia Tod “Spring Rolls” (4) 9
Deep-fried with mixed vegetables
and glass noodles served with
homemade sweet chili plum sauce

AP- 12 ‘Thai Satay’ with peanut sauce (4 ) 10.5
Marinated in a mixture of Thai spices & coconut milk
Chicken or beef

AP-14 (A) Fish Cakes ( 5 ) 7
Served with Sweet chili cucumber chutney

AP-14 (B) Shrimp Cakes ( 2) 7.5
Mixed with exotic spices coated in breadcrumbs served with homemade sweet chili sauce

AP-15 Peeg Gai Yaad Sai (2) 11.5
Boneless chicken wings stuffed with vegetables and glass noodles

AP-16 Thai Style Pork Cheek 12
Grilled-marinated with Thai herbs & spices

AP-17 Calamari 10
Deep-fried marinated with Thai spices

AP-18 Golden Crispy Tofu (6) 7
Deep-fried soft tofu

AP-21 Lettuce Wrap
Stir-fried with chili paste, diced onions,
bell peppers and fresh basil
A) Minced ostrich (naturally raised free range) 18.5
B) Minced chicken, beef, pork or tofu 14

AP-22 BBQ Beef Short Ribs
Marinated served with signature sauce 12

AP-23 Tiger Prawns Tempura (2) 7
Tempura style served with home-made mayo

AP-24 Wings 9.5
Chili & basil or Red curry sauce

AP-25 Matsaman Oxtail (AAA Grade) 14
Served with roti

AP-26 Hainenese Chicken (leg, bone-in) 13
Steamed with sesame oil, topped with sweet soya sauce

Garden Greens – 12.50

SA−41 Som Tum Malagor (Seasonal)
Green papaya strips seasoned with fresh lime juice, nam-pla and
Thai spices

SA−42 Larb Gai
Minced chicken mixed with
fresh lime juice, roasted rice powder, nam-pla and Thai spices

SA−43 Yum Neua
(Beef Salad Thai Style)
Sliced grilled marinated beef mixed with fresh lime juice, nam-pla and Thai chili

SA−44 Yum Woon San
(Traditional – Thai salad)
Minced pork and tiger prawns
mixed with glass noodles, fresh lime juice, nam-pla and Thai spices

SA−45 Alberni Mango Roll (Seasonal)
Fresh salad roll with lettuce, mango,
onions and fresh basil served
with home-made hoisin sauce
Chicken or Tofu 11
Tiger Prawn 12


SE- 81 ‘Pla’
A. Deep-fried fish fillet topped with our Signature 3 flavoured sauce with fresh basil served on
a bed of spinach 19
B. Steamed with spicy sauce,
lemon, glass noodles &
Chinese cabbage 23

SE-82 Taley 18
Assorted of seafood sauteed with peppercorn and Thai spices

SE-83 Horw Mok Talay 20
Assorted seafood sauteed with red curry paste, egg and coconut milk


Thai curries with your choice of
Chicken, beef , pork or tofu 16.5
Mixed seasonal vegetables 16.5
Tiger prawns, clams or mussels 18
Fish fillet 19
Ostrich (naturally raised free-range) 21

CU- 61 Matsaman Curry
Simmered rich and tantalizing coconut curry
with white onions topped with cashew nuts

CU- 62 Keang Dang
Red curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots,
bell peppers and fresh basil

CU – 63 Keang Keaw Waan
Green curry with coconut milk, eggplant,
snap peas, bell peppers and fresh basil

CU-64 Keang Kari
Yellow curry with coconut milk,
diced fresh pineapple and bell peppers

CU- 65 Keang Panang
Curry with coconut milk, lime leaves,
bell peppers and fresh basil

‘Wok’ ‘Wok’

Sautéed with your choice of
Chicken, beef, pork, tofu or mixed seasonal vegetables 15.5
Pork cheek or short ribs 17
Tiger prawns 17
Ostrich 20

WO-71 Pad Prig Khing
Sautéed with green beans, lime leaves, fresh basil,
bell peppers in a spicy sauce

WO- 72 Pad Namman
Sautéed with Thai black bean sauce, ginger,
fresh pineapple and snap peas

WO-73 Double Spices
Sautéed with roasted chili topped with crispy basil

WO-74 Kra Pau
Sautéed with Thai chili, bell peppers,
green beans and fresh basil

WO-76 Pad Ma-Mung Him Ma-Pan
Sautéed with cashew nuts and roasted chili

WO- 77 Pad King Ginger
Sauteed fresh celery, ginger, mushroom, onions and bell peppers


Thai style stir-fried noodles
with your choice of
Chicken , beef, pork, tofu or mixed seasonal vegetables 14
Tiger Prawns 16
Ostrich (naturally raised free-range) 18

NO-91 Pad Thai Traditional
Stir-fried rice noodles with tamarind sauce,
egg, green onions and
bean sprouts topped ground peanuts

NO-92 Luk Tung
Stir-fried rice noodles with cashew nuts,
bell peppers, onions, celery,
and dried shrimp paste

NO-93 Pad Kee Mao (minced meat)
Stir-fried rice noodles with Thai chili,
diced green beans, onions, bell peppers
and fresh basil

NO-94 Laad Naa
Fresh rice noodles with Thai gravy
And mixed seasonal vegetables

NO-95 Pad See Iw
Stir-fried fresh rice noodles with
broccoli, cabbage, green onions,
beansprout and egg

Fried Rice

A variety of Thai fried rice with your choice of
Chicken, beef , pork , tofu or mixed seasonal vegetables 14
Tiger prawns 16
Ostrich (naturally raised free-range) 18.5

FR-101 Khoa Pad
With egg, diced onions, carrots
and sliced lettuce

FR-102 Kra Poa Kook (minced meat)
With fresh Thai chili, diced
green beans, onions, bell peppers
and fresh basil

FR-103 Khoa Oop Supparod
With pineapple and diced vegetables

FR-104 Vietnam Chili Fried Rice
With vietnamese chili, egg and
diced vegetables


VE-201 Green Beans
Stir-fried with dried shrimp

VE-202 Pad Pak — Mixed Seasonal Vegetables
Choice of Thai black bean, peanut sauce or oyster sauce

VE-203 Garlic Eggplant
Sautéed with garlic sauce, bell peppers and fresh basil

Small Sides

ST−301 Steamed ginger rice

ST−302 Sticky rice

ST−303 Steamed Thai jasmine brown rice

ST−304 Steamed Thai jasmine rice
with coconut milk

ST−305 Steamed vermicelli noodles

ST−306 Roti


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