Monday – Friday 3pm-6pm 

Appys $5

Thai Shrimp Cakes 2pcs    

Thai Fish Cakes 4pcs    

Appys $7

Thai Vegetarian Spring Rolls 4pcs    

Thai Hot wings    

Appys $8


Grilled Thai BBQ Pork    

Thai Chicken Satay 4 Skewers    

Signature Appy / Salad $10

Lettuce Wrap    

Choice of Chicken or Beef

Larb Gai     

Minced chicken mixed with fresh lime juice, roasted rice powder, nam-pla and Thai spices

Som Tum    

Green papaya strips seasoned with fresh lime juice, nam-pla and Thai spices

Drinks $5

Singha Beer     

Wine by Glass    

High Balls - Vodka