5 Ways of Making Thai Food

The delicious flavor and aroma of Thai dishes come from the ability of experienced chefs to skillfully blend essential Thai food ingredients, such as coriander, Thai basil, shallots, garlic, soy sauce and chilies. Little to no cooking oil is used to make Thai dishes so that ingredients retain their natural flavor and crunchiness after being lightly cooked.

Methods of Cooking Thai Food


Pad, or stir-frying, is an essential Thai cooking method done in woks or large skillets. A quick process of cooking that seals in flavor, stir-frying prevents burning or overcooking of delicate Thai vegetables and meats.


Toon, or stewing, involves placing a covered pot in Thai food ingredients (in seasoned water) on low heat to cook the food slowly. Toon helps Thai food retain its nutritional qualities and flavor to produce a delicious dish.


Neung, or steaming, means cooking ingredients by vapor arising from boiling liquid. Ingredients must be covered tightly to benefit from the full effect of steaming. Steaming not only prevents Thai food from losing its nutritional properties but also imparts a savoriness that must be tasted to be appreciated.


Yang is the Thai term for “roasted” or “grilled” Thai food. Example of yang Thai dishes include moo ping (grilled pork) or gai yaang (grilled chicken slowly marinated in salt, pepper, garlic and lemongrass).


Tum means a chef has pounded certain Thai foods with a mortar and pestle. Herbs are typically crushed using a mortar and pestle to release their full range of flavor, oils and aromas.

Other useful Thai cooking terms include:

  • Khao Niao–sticky rice
  • Kung–shrimp
  • Ped–spicy
  • Plah–fish
  • Yum–salad
  • Neau–beef
  • Gai–chicken

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